Sunday, March 18, 2012

Menu for the Week 2

So here is our next menu for the week, a few additional one pot meals which are a bit easier for me when I get home from work and well that's always a plus.   And I'm busy testing recipes for my cookbook, so who knows what mix we'll have each week!  Good thing my family is willing to try most anything I cook.....

Pizza Porcupine Patties
Romaine Salad

                     I have these Betty Crocker recipe cards from the
                     late 1970's and used them when Jason was young.
                    Going back to them to rework the recipes for some
                     tasty new meals!

Hearty Tuna Casserole
A new twist on an old favorite.  Remember when your Mom thought it was so gourmet to crush potato chips across the top!

Farmgirl Ham and Eggs
Pumpkin Pecan Biscuits
This is not a typical egg dish, can't wait for you to see the pictures!

           I have over 100 cookbooks in my collection and will sit and read
           them like books!  I love to look up recipes in books rather than online!

Meat and Vegetable Medley

Cheesy Vegetable Casserole
Pecan crescents

Wagon Wheel Chili
Waldorf salad
This will be our last time for chili until next Fall, so I'm breaking tradition and not doing my family's favorite, but trying something new!  Hopefully it will become a new favorite!

Red Eye Ham and Biscuit Squares
Remember in Menu 1 we used a Ham Steak?  Well the grocery store had a special and were offering two steaks individually packaged and put together in a mesh bag for only about $1.50 more than a single steak.  So I bought the two, put one in the freezer to use later.  It's later!

Crusty Baked Chicken
Sliced Baked Potatoes

              Round up all your pots and pans - and get ready, its going to be a great week.

Love sharing my kitchen experiments with you....hope you are enjoying them too!  Don't hesitate to leave a comment, and if you are looking for a particular recipe let me know, or if you want me to test a recipe for you and post the pics and how-to's - I'm happy to do it!


  1. So being helpful, Farmgirl Mister Jim offered to make my shopping list. He printed it out and off to the store I went - oh my. I like to put my list in groupings according to location in the store to save time - this list was first pantry plus needs, then items by recipe. It took me almost an hour longer to helpful hint. After you make your list of ingredients - organize your list to fit the layout of your store so that you are in each aisle only once and you are less likely to forget something, and less time wondering means less non-essential purchases which saves you time! Happy Shopping!

  2. my family always made fun of me grouping my list but it makes it go sooooo much faster. I own a restaurant now so I don't go shopping as often. Crazy life but it's good. this is a great idea and very helpful to people.