Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mise En Place

MISE EN PLACE  [MEEZ ahn plahs] - this is a French term referring to having all of your ingredients gathered which are necessary to prepare the dish you are creating right up to the point of cooking.

America's Test Kitchen recommends those wonderful little cold medicine cups!

A wonderful friend and Executive Chef I had the pleasure of working with on various projects, used to refer to Mise en place as having your Mess in Place!

Another idea from America's Test Kitchen is to recycle plastic yogurt containers.

And that's exactly what it means - once you select the recipe you will be creating, it is important to gather all of your ingredients.

Need to chop or dice an ingredient for a recipe?
America's Test Kitchen suggests that flat bottomed coffee filters 
are a good mise en place container!

Whatever you use, small ramekins, mise en place bowls or cups, or inventive containers you have on hand, you will definitely discover, having your mess in place will make your cooking experience much more enjoyable, and you will find your prep time shortened considerably.

Another recipe coming tomorrow!