Sunday, November 30, 2014

Learning the Art of Blogging, oh My!

I have yet to unlock the key to effective consistent blogging.  I love put pen to paper or rather fingers to keystrokes, and I truly do love the idea of communicating thoughts, ideas, and sharing prose through a blog that reaches out and touches my readers in various ways.

I am not technically gifted to understand the intricacies of of the dashboard where all creative bloggers go to design those pages that draw you in, and I do not totally comprehend how to get those wonderful links to various products that we crafters, designers and homemakers want to "click" on to find out more .......

I would love to learn to share tutorials, mine and others, to engage followers and to be considered one of the must follow bloggers! Now wouldn't that be wonderful?

So I am off to the bookstore to find the book or books that will guide me through the world of blogging.

I will also get out my calendar and commit to dedicated blogging time so that it is not months between my entries and I will in 2015 work towards my goals regarding my alter ego of FarmGirl Sister and that will be my theme of posts, chronicling each achievement and even set back as I go.

You will see me organize my chaotic home and studio; you will get your hands dirty as we design and plant my garden this Spring; you will come right along with me as I tackle projects and repurposing challenges for my store Gladiola's Vintage Market in Branson West; and if you follow along for the hard stuff, you will be rewarded by going along on my very fun pickin' trips.

Fabulous Book Table from a wire spool

Oh I know you have heard this from me before.  After years as a caregiver for my Mom, and taking the last year to grieve at her passing, I want to work to accomplish those things she always encouraged me to do.  My Mom was my biggest fan and I want to show her even now as she watches over me, that I really can do the things she always knew I could!

Meet Eula, my pick up pickin' buddy

Crafting parties in my dining room! here I go, off to learn to be a blogger you want to know!
I so hope you decide to follow along for the ride.

-til tomorrow, Stormy

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  1. Hi! I purchased my blog design from Designer Blogs ( and it was only $15. They are great, easy to use and not expensive! You can also add bits to your blog gradually, like social media buttons etc so it doesn't cost much at once. Good luck!