Sunday, December 4, 2011


I think it's a Michigan thing, this calling each other Sister than by our names, or maybe it's just a term of endearment that has been with Sister and me for years and years.  I can't recall the last time I called my sister by her name - even when referring to her to others - its always Sister.

My sister is my best friend.  We are separated by ten years and thousands of miles, and yet are as close as a whisper when we need each other.  I swear I can hear her call to me in the rustle of the leaves on the trees when she needs me.
                                                                     My Sister Bonnie
We have the same crazy sense of humor, the same passion for our sons, we each have one - who we adore, and although I like to think I’m creative, my sister is the most talented person I know!
                                                          Bonnie and her son Shannon

We are so connected that we can carry on entire conversations without ever finishing a sentence, and repeatedly, much like Name That Tune; we can finish the thought of the other often when she utters just one or two words.

I have been busy preparing for our annual Cottage Christmas Sale and must confess I have procrastinated to the last minute …… using a multitude of excuses, I’m afraid.  One excuse, and I must say a very good one, was that my Sister, my nephew Shannon and his lovely wife Joann, along with babies Alivia and Grant in tow, came for Thanksgiving weekend.  And as you all know, you must have a clean house when family comes, so I devoted my limited time to cleaning and shopping and preparing, and ignored the cottage and barn. 

It’s been three years since my sister’s last visit, and our barn is a new addition since then.  She was so eager to see it, and was a bit shocked to see the pile high of furniture and smalls stacked everywhere when the sale was but a mere two weeks away.  “Don’t worry” she said, “we’ll work in here every night while I’m here” HA, well that didn’t happen.  Every day was full of conversation, adoring babies, meals, and more conversation – before we knew it, our three and half days were gone – and we were saying our tearful goodbyes!
                                                        Shannon, Joann and Aliva visited 
                                                                  the Butterfly Place!

Her visit was over before we knew it and not only hadn’t we spent anytime working on the sale, but I hadn’t spent even a minute in the cottage or barn that entire week.  Since they departed on Tuesday, I’ve made great progress all week, staging new displays, unpacking the last of the Christmas treasures, and putting finishing touches here and there.

This morning my sister called, quite early, to catch me before I headed over the barn to work to share a dream she had last night.  She dreamt that we had been working in the barn together and we hung chairs and small furniture from large hooks all around the perimeter of the room.  Well it is a great idea, in fact it’s such a great idea that I had sent Farmgirl Mister Jim out yesterday morning to buy large hooks so we could hang chairs and small furnishings around the perimeter of the barn!    Yes, my sister and I are quite connected!

So here is a picture of the chairs some of the chairs we’ve hung from the walls, (we hung 8!) and wow, does it add more display space for all of our treasures.
Farmgirl Sisters Cottage Christmas sale is Saturday, December 10 – and a full 12 hours long 8AM – 8PM and we so hope to see you there!  Check us out on facebook: farmgirl sisters or at for more information and directions!  We're easy to find, right in downtown Branson, just one block off Hwy 65 and Hwy 76!